Office Hours:

Gladwin Campus :

Mon.–Wed. 8AM – 12PM, Thurs. 9 AM – 12 PM
Beaverton Campus :
Mon.–Wed. 9AM – 12PM, Thurs. 10AM – 12PM
Both Campuses are Closed on Fridays
Church Location & Address: 309 S. M-18, Gladwin, MI 48624
                                             150 West Brown Street, Beaverton, MI 48612
Telephone: Gladwin Campus : 989-426-9619
 Beaverton Campus: 989-435-4322
Email: Gladwin: 
* All are welcome to stop and see the pastor; however please be aware that the duties of the pastor often will take her out of the office. If you would like to be assured that the pastor is in and available please feel free to call and make an appointment. If you are needing to reach the pastor immediately and it is not office hours, please feel free to call .