June Newsletter

As I am preparing to leave the New Beginnings Church to become the pastor at Auburn United Methodist, I have been thinking about what I want my church here to know before I leave. In my packing of the office, I came across an article that my father wrote entitled, “What Every Pastor Wants His People to Know”. The rest of this message are his words (edited for brevity) and my love.

I want this church to realize that the ministry of the church is not a spectator sport, not its service an entertainment extravaganza. My idea of a really good church service is when the congregation gathers with a sense of privilege; the privilege of being saved and in the family of God; the privilege of God’s presence in our lives; the privilege of participating in God’s program. And, that we all participate – we all pray, we all sing, we all listen, we all share our faith and testimony, all are edified.

I want this church to understand that church growth doesn’t just happen because of a pastor or ministerial staff. Almost everyone says that he/she wants the church to grow but very few are willing to do what is necessary to make that happen. Church growth happens because the entire church is doing the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). When we are all living consistently for Jesus, some will notice. When we all are inviting others to come to church, some will come. When we all are friendly and extend our fellowship, some will stay. I want the entire church to be involved in the process.

I also want this church to know that I and all pastors are not a “super-pastor” not even a “super-saint”. We will make mistakes. We sometimes get angry, speak harshly or even rashly. We forget things and fail to see what is obvious to others. But, just as we extend grace to others we need grace extended to us. We are on this journey together and we need to support and love each other. And, more than anything else, I want all my people to know that I love them, that I appreciate their faithfulness, and that I value their loving fellowship.

And, now (these are my words) to the One who created us all, I commend you to His safe keeping – trusting Him to guard, shape, mold and use you all for His kingdom work, His glory, and your continued sanctification. May the Lord bless and keep you till we meet again – here or around the eternal throne. All glory and honor is His now and forever, amen.

The Great Adventure Continues,

Pastor Carmen, Todd and the Child